Unified Engineering has experience supplying structural steel across all sectors including residential, commercial, institutional and industrial.  We have successfully completed a number of new construction projects but also enjoy rising to the challenge posed by substantial renovations. Our staff engineers allow us to interface seamlessly with the design consultants allowing us to propose creative solutions to reign in cost and schedule.  Our erection procedures and sequencing are developed in collaboration with our General Contracting partners, ensuring a smooth on site installation.


For many projects steel framing is a necessity to bring additional mechanical or electrical service to a client.  Unified Engineering has experience providing steel supports for a wide range of equipment from generators, air handling units, make up air units and exhaust fans.  Frequently these supports are required for roof top equipment but have dealt with interior applications for pipe and cable trays as well.


In some applications the existing building structure has sustained damage or needs to be upgraded to meet new building codes or revised use.  In these situations the existing structure is modified to improve its capacity and longevity.  We often see reinforcing work required to suit mechanical upgrades as the original structure was not designed to support new equipment.  Reinforcing work can be particularly challenging and requires keen awareness of details.

Pedestrian Bridges

We design and manufacture stand-out pedestrian bridges for bikers, pedestrians, and small golf carts. Steel material is easy to maintain. Rapid turn-around.



There is no limit to the uses of steel and this category includes everything the previous categories do not.  Some examples include:

  • Millwork support frames
  • Ladders
  • Garbage Enclosures
  • Sump pits and trench drains
  • Bollards
  • Lintels